• Discovering the New You
  • The ‘self’ is unmasked
  • Your Purpose and Re-creating your life
  • Building your Dreams and achieving your  goals
  • Time Management and study tips and working smartly
  • Achieving your goals
  • Living Beautifully Healthy which includes great  skincare tips, healthy eating for maximum benefit, nutrition and staying fit  for happy living.
  • Future Vision which puts you out there; exploring career dynamics, marketing yourself and  living your  best life yet.


The course - is an exciting and all encompassing 7 hour course that runs over just one day. The course is geared at young people between the ages of 14 and 21 and covers a wide range of subjects, focusing on inspiring, empowering and uplifting the individual.
The course content has been superbly designed so that it inspires and elicits change on the part of the delegates.

In a highly competitive world, you will be empowered to be the champion that rises.

The first half of the day focuses on emotional and psychological empowerment. The delegate will discover their identity and understand the psyche behind who they are and the choices that they make.

The second half of the course is focused on role-playing and practical applications like CV and Motivational writing skills.
The course is challenging, uplifting and informative all at the same time. It provides life-skills and encouragement to young go-getters, training them to be relevant and successful in the real world.
Each delegate will receive a resource pack and lots of other goodies as part of their curriculum.


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