Founded in 2009, the ‘I AM LEGACY’ is dedicated to seeing a legacy of changed lives in South Africa. The foundation is involved weekly in upliftment and empowerment programmes. The foundation has been involved in major youth events from 5000 strong crowds to intimate power-packed seminars for young people. Its first youth project HistoryMakers International was conceived in 1999, and was a powerful youth movement that inspired and motivated thousands of young people in South Africa – Zion was Instrumental in starting the first Christian Television Channel in KZN l, and many other projects in South Africa. The ‘I AM LEGACY’ has also been instrumental in hosting the first youth event of its kind on Youth Day 2005, with the youth specific conference gathering a crowd of hundreds of young people, and continues to do so every year, since then.  Zion Matthew, Founder  and CEO is available to speak at conferences, seminars and entrepreneurship conferences.

Zion Matthew

I was born and bred in South Africa, just like many of you are right now. I grew up in a transitioning South Africa and had to face the hardships and trials of a non-white South African upbringing.

Life in the Indian Township of Phoenix, North of Durban, South Africa was not easy with my large family living close to the breadline. I quickly realised that it would only take the heart of a champion and mindset of ‘never giving up’ to succeed and choose greatness.


I embarked on becoming a mentor and mediator challenging the status quo by breaking personal, social and economic barriers. Even at that early stage of my life; I knew that I possessed an innate desire to succeed and break the bar to achieve greatness and success. During my early teens I envisioned the emergence of a fearless, determined  and a revolutionary generation that would become champions of their day
In the legacy of great men like Nelson Mandela, I knew  that the future of the New South Africa lay in the hands of passionate and dedicated young people and whilst Mandela’s vision brought a political revolution, the vision I had would be a revolution of ‘self’. This meant that each individual would reach for and attain the greatest realisation – I AM! Armed with this great vision, it is my intention to stir up the hearts and minds of young individuals across the South African landscape by challenging, motivating, mentoring and equipping them to become leaders and visionaries themselves.
My greatest passion is to see the power of a changed mindset manifest into a changed life. 2010 marks the birth of the ‘I AM LEGACY’   

Lucille Cornelius

She has spent the greater part of her adult life working with young people. Her  vast experience coupled with her compassionate demeanor has given her the cutting edge to “BREAK THROUGH” the shell of anyone that cannot see their destiny and help them take a glimpse of their NEW TOMORROW. Lucille is the Marketing Manager of the I AM LEGACY concept.

Amanda Munian

She has served our country on grass root levels as an educator for over a decade and now has spread her wings again into the vast unknown and touching lives globally. She is also a TV  presenter and a sort after motivational speaker to women. Amanda is a course facilitator and researcher for the I AM LEGACY revolution.

Meshenta Moodley

A  young passionate young woman who has a passion to see this generation revolutionized. Meshenta is our I AM LEGACY administrator and photographer.