EveryMan has evolved into an annual phenomenon, starting in 2007 the Everyman 1DAY conference has grown momentum and is now a much talked about event at the top of EveryMans calendar every year

has taken to the air since 2005 with its annual conference being broadcast on International television, with countless thousands of lives revolutionize through these empowering series of programs


  • What does it really mean to be a MAN?
  • Breaking generational cycles in men.
  • Husband, Father, Son vs Boyfriend, Lover, Playboy
  • Leaving a legacy for the next generation
  • Being a man in the 21st century
  • Sister, Wife, Mother Vs Girl Friend, Lover, Mistress
  • I was never born to be a man’s LESSER HALF
  • Mother to the World
  • Raising children of Destiny
  • Living as a 21st century Woman
  • Reaching for my dreams